Postproduction fase starts at the delivery of the footage and the start of the edit. In our studio we have a comprehensive editing suite where we – in consultation with the customer, director and/or creative – decide what must be the desired editrithm and storyline. We will match the audio accordingly and the first ‘offline montage’ is born. Hence the exciting starting point of your final product.


The word ‘compositing‘ means in the digital area “assembling several different images to one whole“. This is used to create the illusion of being part of the actual composition. The possibilities are endless in this are. For instance, if there are elements missing in a shot, they’ll be added into the shot as if they’ve always been there, or taken away from the composition.

Color Correction & Grading

‘Color correction‘ functions like a warm blanket for the final product. In this phase, we start with a mostly flat, raw image. During color correction we enhance colors and contrasts, to make sure all shots are aligned. Then we continue with the ‘color grading‘, to ensure that the feelings and emotions of the film are also highlighted in color.

Animation & Visual FX

Welcome to the wondrous world of animation. Where creations and designs are brought from dull stills to life. Title animations for example, are thé best way to invigorate your movie and to give it a final finishing touch. InCamera works regularly with several animators, enabling us to facilitate complete animated works.

Compositing breakdowns

floor replacement

brand coverage

sky replacement

Color Grading breakdowns

intense Color Grading

intense Color Grading

natural Color Grading

InCamera also delivers

  • your visual business philosophy
  • canvassing
  • instructional videos
  • internal communication
  • event registrations
  • training videos
  • video content for campaigns
  • strengthening brand identity
  • testimonials and experiences
  • product branding
  • spreading on the web
  • additional graphic designs