So is it hipster or retro?
The postproduction of ‘Canvas Blanco Music Video’

There are always fun side projects during the summer. This year the honor goes to ‘Canvas Blanco’, produced by ‘Moeders Mooiste’. The concepts of the music videos are always artistic and InCamera could add a valuable share to the postproduction.

“Everything you see and hear is performed live. It’s one shot, so it’s not edited, no re-recording or overdubs, no tricks. It is merely an honest, raw, what – you-see -is-what you-get performance.”

Another nice touch is that the camera moves are precisely drawn in advance, and we see every appropriate instruments that deserve attention in the frame. It reminds me a little of Michel Gondry: his videos are genius and memorable because of the ingenious concept that lies behind it. With that approach and knowledge you’ll appreciate the most of this clip. Enjoy!