Review: Avid Artist Color

In addition to the Element (see previous post), my eye fell on the modest panel from Avid. This company focuses nowadays less and less on the video market and it’s broadening it’s products, but a grading panel is still not too much for them. I have seen good reviews about the predecessor of the Artist Color – called Wave – which is still on the market. But this panel looks like an very attractive alternative.

Artist Color (Avid)

The artist color is small, light, and you don’t get overwhelmed by all the available buttons and menus. They are there, but compact and organized. The balls feel well and I have no problem controlling them. One downside though, the panel needs to be connected through an ftp cable, so it tends to be kind of slow in it’s reactions.

Okay, this guy may not have the flattering looks, but he sure has a good story to tell. Is my mind made up yet?