Freezing Futurumshop: dispense, and capturing natural wonders

5 o’clock in the morning. It’s still dark. The icy wind blowing past my red cold nose and lips. I can’t feel my fingers any longer. With my camera gear, I’m located on a dike somewhere in the north of Holland. Cyclists rage almost noiselessly over the dike. I follow them.

The moment that I wonder why I am here and what moves me to make these recordings, the sun slowly puts his head over the meadows. The air is filled with a beautiful glow of pink shades. I focus my camera on the cyclists. Yes, that’s beautiful. The silhouettes moving along the big sun, and in the background a foggy village silhouetted along the horizon.

Four hours later I am in a cafe again, recovering of my frostbite and loading of my material into the laptop. Satisfied with the result, but also glad that it is done again. Then I hear in the background: “Okay guys , ready for sunset on the beach?”